Acne – Grade 1-2 Protocol

2 Week Intervals


Instructor Courtney’s Acne – Grade 1-2 CARE PLAN

Intervals – 2 Weeks


Treatment 1: Microdermabrasion Facial

Treatment 2: Radiance Reset + Salicylic Cream PRO Peel

Treatment 3: Method Facial

Treatment 4: Radiance Reset + Purity Peel 15%

Treatment 5: Radiance Reset + Glycolic Peel

Treatment 6: HydraGlow Elite Facial

Acne – Nodules/Cysts (Grade 4) Protocol

1 Week Intervals


Instructor Courtney’s Acne – Nodules/Cysts (Grade 4) CARE PLAN

Intervals – 1 Week


Treatment 1: Radiance Reset Facial + Salicylic Cream PRO Peel + Extractions

Treatment 2: PhotoGenic Facial with Blue LED Light Therapy

Treatment 3: HydraGlow Elite Facial

Treatment 4: Microchanneling (2 Passes – Stem Cells; 2 Passes – Salicylic Acid – 7.5%)

Treatment 5: Radiance Reset Facial + Purity Peel 15%

Treatment 6: Method Facial

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