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Sykes Media, led by industry expert, Courtney Sykes, is a leading business & marketing team for Cosmetic Practices, Medical Spas, Spas and Wellness Centers. Southeastern Esthetics Institute works with spa owners, physicians, hospitals, hotels, health clubs, and investors to build successful businesses.

Courtney Sykes’ approach integrates industry expertise in business development, marketing, advertising, sales, and operations to increase sales and profit. Sykes also custom builds legal contracts with our attorney team, along with consumer intake forms and consent forms, specific to the industry and services provided. It’s through Sykes’ experience working with many practices, owning a thriving esthetics education facility, and also owning a medical spa herself, that she is able to create business and market strategies that drive success.

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Sykes Media provides extensive resources for compliance, business entity start-up, outlines and samples of documentation needed pertaining to physician-practitioner agreements, service agreements, consent forms, physical forms – and so much more!

1-Hour Consulting Calls are results-oriented, with specific answers to your industry-related questions! Sykes provides you with a detailed information email after the call with copies of required agreements, consent forms, industry contacts, and recorded lectures pertaining to proper business management and profit margin strategies specific for med spa success!



Private consulting is designed to help the clinic individually and can be performed at our office in Richland County, South Carolina, on Zoom – or can be performed on site, as requested. Sessions can be as simple as one in-person visit, with all other areas of work performed off site. Internet-based employee trainings and other means of communication are used for busier offices. Monthly site visits are also recommended for practices needing consistent leadership and training in all areas. Customized consulting is our expertise and a fantastic way to work with our clients!


Sykes implements customized graphic design and management of all social media accounts, as requested – making brand specific posts and engaging your audience daily. On-site consulting once per month is recommended in order to obtain custom photography for your social media branding. These are fantastic additions to our consulting that create engagement and bring awareness to your consumers and audience regarding your practice, menu specifics, and traffic conversion.


Consulting Fee $500 per Hour
Social Media Marketing $1000 per Month
Social Media Marketing Turn-Key Solutions (5 Posts Minimum per Week on Social Media Platforms) 

Partnerships Partnerships

Give Your Customers THE BEST In SKINCARE

Through cellular science and a deep understanding of mechanisms of action through skin histology, Sykes has comprised an incredible line-up of innovative skincare products that create real change in the skin – for long-term anti-aging and skin health.

GlossGenius Partnership

GLOSS GENIUS has partnered with us at Southeastern Esthetics Institute – and we are honored to provide you all with an opportunity to utilize an AMAZING point of sale/appointment booking system at a better rate – just for YOU! Gloss Genius has given our students and alumni an amazing discount code to have amazing ACCESS to the Gold Plan, which includes all features in the standard plan but also has features such as Forms, Client Liability Waivers, and Waitlist management that are heavily used by Estheticians on the Gloss Genius platform!

Recruitment Recruitment

Courtney Sykes is committed to providing YOU with amazing employees in the beauty, skincare, and wellness space! Graduates of Southeastern Esthetics Institute are trained in the most updated techniques, with the industry’s most coveted equipment. At SEEI, these students gain an EXTREME amount of hands-on practice and experience – and you will be IMPRESSED as their future employer!

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