Looking into the eyes of our students on Orientation Day, eager to gain an understanding of the industry that is changing lives all over the world, I smile in gratitude and excitement. As a visionary for the bigger picture, I look out from the stage platform in our Campus Extension lecture classroom over the sea of women (and men) encompassed within our walls. Their faces are filled with many emotions from fear and anxiety – to thrill, excitement, eagerness; and an unequivocal connection to a personal journey that is connected to each of us. My mind rises higher and fast forwards to their graduation day, their personal lives, their families, and their careers. I see the lives changed, the smiles created, and the life journeys defined by a passion that has fueled my heart for years. I know the struggle and I know the peace. I understand the unknowing and I know the understanding. In these inspirational moments, as I share our story, these individuals are exponentially changed. The journey begins.

There are many things in my life that help me define success. Success is not about the possessions you have, the ladders you can climb, or even the statuses you hold. Success is a level of peace you feel and personal processes you display in your daily life that helps you perform to your optimum level with ease. Success becomes a habit when you inherently practice consistency; and consistency is had when you are able to see the bigger picture. When you visualize the outcome, you want to perform. Your daily walk with your actions is connected to every other action; and you happily understand the secret that is held in hard work. Success is yours.

1. Rise Early. 
They key to ‘doing it all wrong’ lies in hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock. The ‘Five Second Rule’ is a well-known system practiced by many that ensures that you simply GET UP, and not focus on the inherent mindsets of pushback, obstacles, and negative outcomes that our brains are trained to create. Wake up early with gratitude, focus on the excitement and opportunity a brand new day creates, and enjoy the little things about a quiet start to the morning – inclusive of hot cups of coffee and planning out your day. These little steps and moments of calm are truly key components of an extraordinary life.

2. Multitask. 
In watching people struggle through their workdays and ultimately not connecting or succeeding in jobs they want to master, the commonality of disconnection is their inability to multitask. Multitasking is another example of the mind expanding and being able to look at the bigger picture. It’s almost as if you have a mental visualization of an aerial view of your company and all of the processes and people that make it work efficiently. What can you do within your realm of influence to create a better experience for your culture, your consumers, and your supervisors? Multitasking is a mental confidence that allows you to choose an hour of your workday and accomplish more within that moment than your competitors. This is a true key to success – and those that do not practice and uphold this mental connection will simply be, and always feel, behind. Not only will life be easier overall, but you will be the employee in your company that is irreplaceable.

3. Computer Skills Basics. 
In teaching individuals a skill set in the ever-evolving beauty industry, we focus on specific sciences and modalities that create change in the skin. However, a true understanding of these common computer programs will assist you in office organization, inventory and budget controls, design and marketing, and much more. Gain a thorough understanding of platforms such as Google Docs (for document sharing and PDF creation) and Microsoft Excel (for spreadsheets for every occasion). Having the capability to quickly and efficiently create documents and communicate digitally will set you a part from the competition and always connect you to your clients. Additionally, simple graphic design skills through platforms such as Canva, for example, are very critical regarding anything from resume design, to logo creation, to menu design. The future is yours!

4. Communication. 
One of my personal favorite skills to teach and allow students to practice consistently is public speaking. Being able to formulate your thoughts internally with a beginning, a middle, and a closing remark are critical in story telling. Story telling is key to work-based activities such as client consultations, meetings with supervisors, or group discussions within your culture. Additionally, being able to communicate this same format digitally through emails to your clients and vendors, official company letters with your letterhead, and professional proposals to a government entity or new contractor to propel your company forward is absolutely important – and a very critical piece of the puzzle that sets successful people apart. Are you set apart? How well do you communicate? Evaluate your skill set and always level up – in order to set yourself up for a higher, and easier, way of doing business.

5. Practice You.
My favorite quote of all time is: “No one is you and that is your power.” Wow! My power? Absolutely! In a world where we grow up realizing that Super Woman is actually very much within us, I love this quote even more. Complete confidence in who you are is something no one can take away from you. No one holds the power to pull you down or make you feel less than. Absolutely no one. When the light bulb finally comes on, and you realize you have had the POWER all along, it is truly life-changing and mind-altering. You can hold your head up high, in true confidence, that everything is always going to be ok – simply because you say so. And today, I am choosing my power. There is nothing more powerful, or successful, than that.